Brewery – Craft Beer – Unique Cocktail Menu – Tasty Bites

Since 2017, The Monkey Bar has been showcasing the artistry and range in specialty beer sourced both within Australia and Internationally. We are wholly dedicated to supporting independent breweries. If you are looking for the usual ‘pub & club’ offerings, you won’t find them here, we’re more likely to pour a barrel aged wild ale than a macro produced lager. We’re an eclectic craft beer and cocktail bar who are friendly and welcoming to all, staffed by some of the best humans you’ll ever find. 

local produce


Our entire menu is designed around our firm belief that fresh is best. We source all of our fresh ingredients from the Dubbo and surrounding area, supporting local producers.

made in-house


We pride ourselves on the quality of our food. From our burgers to our wings, schnitzel and desserts and everything in between. We cater for all tastes and dietary requirements with a range of vegetarian and gluten free options available.

the Pilot Room

working brewery

We are one of the very few working nano breweries in NSW, allowing our unique offerings to flow through our taps. Don’t expect crisp, dry lagers. That’s not our style. Think sessionable pales, big hoppy IPAs, pastry stouts, fruited sours and sometimes pure experimentation, simply for the joy of it it.

brewed onsite

driving our passion

We have a pure passion for beer, brewing it ourselves, sharing it amongst friends and enjoying it with you.

ask for indie beer


We are passionate about supporting independent. What does that mean? Purchasing and pouring beer made by small business owners just like us. With large multi-nationals still controlling venue taps across the country, we are firm in our belief and support for the small guys producing the beer they love for the people they love (you).

12 taps


Our 12 taps are constantly rotating, what you see one day may not be there the next. With a healthy mix of sours, IPA, wild ales, pales and everything in between. This keeps our offerings exciting, fun and most importantly the beer FRESH and thanks to Bert (our friendly canning machine) everything we have on offer is available to you for takeaway until close every day we are open.

our unique menu


Our unique cocktail menu has been designed 100% in-house. With a list that is unrivalled there is something to satisfy all tastes. Have a favourite that isn’t on the list? Ask our staff and they’ll whip something up for you.



We have a healthy obsession with the finer things in life, be it single malt whisky, small batch Australian Gin or fine Carribean Rum, with a selection that is constantly evolving ask our staff for tasting notes and suggestions based on your tastes.